So You Want to Write a Book

Everyone wants to write a book these days, and while it seems like an easy weekend typing away at a keyboard or writing in a notebook, it is anything but easy.

Those who believe writing a story, or a full fledged novel at that, truly have no idea what their getting themselves into. Now I don’t want to be a debby-downer, but I have had a fair share of optimistic people who have shared their feelings to me on their thoughts of starting their own book.

Let me just say, when I asked how they were doing a month later, none of them had actually succeeded in even starting their story.

Writing a book is more than just to be able to say that you’ve written a book.

In 2013, surveys said that 80% of Americans would like to become authors.

In 2012, surveys stated that a whopping 97% of writers did not finish their first books!

Only 3% of writers actually finished their book!

Now this may be discouraging, but don’t worry…still go for it!

Writing a book for more than just to say that you did, instead it is a goal that will ultimately result in a piece of work that you will always be proud of (whether it’s good or not).

I first decided that I wanted to start my novel series when I was 15 years old. I am now 24!

Now with the combination of school, work, relationships and those negative thoughts that went through my mind on how I wasn’t a good enough writer to write a novel, let’s just say it has taken a very long time to find the time and determination to get this novel under way.

Since I got the idea though, I never lost it, and has since been working on version after version, creating characters, expanding the fantasy world of my creation, and so forth. So in hindsight, it actually makes sense on why it has taken me this long to get this far.

The first book is always the most difficult, and it is absolutely normal to feel discouraged and insecure about the endeavor. But with time and patience (and a lot of hard work and hand cramps), you could create a piece of work that you will always be proud of and share with others.

So you want to write a book? DO IT! 


One thought on “So You Want to Write a Book

  1. I think just finding the time to sit down and really concentrate on what you’re writing is hard enough! And of course, if you’re like me and eventually find time, you always cross paths with your good friend Writer’s Block 😂. I won’t give up, though! I’m determined to be in that 3% you mentioned haha! Great post!


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